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Garages of Alexandria Poster

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Grand & Great Garages of Alexandria, Virginia

Wall posters, 16" by 20" tall. Showing 14 different garage doors in their urban landscape, taken throughout Old Town and other parts of Alexandria, Virginia. Shows various styles, textures, age and function in a fun collage.
Brand new product (Sept. 2021)! Poster concept and photography by Margaret Kennedy.

About the Artist:

Margaret Kennedy, a retired journalist, is a long time resident of Alexandria and admirer of its unique and lovely buildings. Her “Grand & Great Garages of Alexandria Virginia” photo collage shows that even a utilitarian structure built to protect cars and other equipment can become an art form in itself, satisfying individual taste and whimsey, as well as other functional needs. Who knows what personal treasures and space are behind the doors?


Poster layout by Yellow Dot Designs. Printed in Alexandria, VA.