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Bonnie Rideout: Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd, Vol. 1

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Bonnie Rideout: Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd, Vol. 1
(Pronounced "Pee-bruach" means piping, or the act of piping)

Audio CD. New, shrink wrapped. Traditional Scottish fiddle music.
Songs: MacDougall's Gathering, Lament for the Bishop of Argyll, McGrigor's Search, Dargai, Bodauch nam Briogais, Lament for the Earl of Wigton, Marsail Lochinalie, The Selchie, Ion-do ion-da

Tulloch Music, Ltd. 2010

Bonnie writes in the inside cover:
"Dear Listener,
While living at Armadale Castle on the isle of Skye, I discovered the Patrick MacDonald Collection (1784). It became my passage into the incredible world of fiddle piobaireachd. This recording is a culmination of over two decades of study and passionate music making. It has taken two years to record and it has carried me to three continents and introduced me to fabulous musicians. ..."