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Blue Denim Tweed Purse

Regular price $64.00

Blue cotton denim with embroidered roses, dark blue wool tweed back. Front transparent vinyl pocket, held in place with tweed and machine embroidered details. Denim shape applique on the back. 3 interior pockets in a blue cotton lining. A full length zipper makes this purse secure. Black cotton strap.

The tweed fabric is 100% wool, Harris Tweed. It is hand woven and produced on the Isle of Harris, Scotland.

14 inches wide at the top, 12 inches wide at the bottom. This nice roomy purse is 5 inches deep. With the strap, the purse is 22 inches in length for a comfortable shoulder carry.

Designed and produced at Yellow Dot Designs.

Pricing: This purse is handmade. A lot of time and individual decision making goes into each purse, of which there is only one. I am starting these at a low price, lower than the real value. Over time I will adjust the price upward by a dollar or so every few days until the price is more inline with its value. This makes it available at a reasonable price if you get in early!