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Music and Story of the Battle of Harlaw - Bonnie Rideout

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Bonnie Rideout and friends: On the Battle at Harlaw, near Aberdeen in 1411. Double Audio CD pack.
One CD has interviews and reciting of the story. One CD is music. Comes with a booklet describing the place, the people and event, and images of the location with its monument and surrounding mountains.

Tulloch Music, 2011.
New. Shrink wrapped. Traditional Scottish music.

Dear Listener,
The story of Harlaw has captured my imagination for many years. My kin are MacGregors on one side and Stewarts on the other. My son is a McDonald. In all likelihood ancestors of ours fought on both sides of this legendary battle; and many Scots, scattered across the globe, are descended from those who were present at the Battle of Harlaw on that Summer day in 1411.
  -- Bonnie Rideout

Songs: The Battle of Harlaw, March, Harlaw Brosnachadh, Cogadh no Sith - War on Peace, Battle Harloe, Black McDonald's March to Harlaw, The Battle of Harlaw Ballad, Battel Harloe (piano), The Battle of Harlow Piobarieachd, Battel Harloe (lute), ...