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April 2024 News

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Markets Open in April

West End Farmer's Market is open in Ben Brenman Park in the Cameron Station neighborhood of Alexandria. April 7th was our first day back. We had chilly but sunny weather, and everyone was back and out walking.



Painting caps on a cold day in March
New cotton caps painted by Ellen

I spent some of cold, rainy March painting my new cotton baseball caps. Three caps are already gone after Sunday's market!


Click the images to see them.

New Winnie the Pooh cards and notepads

Winnie The Pooh


I have been planning to illustrate Pooh Bear since he was released from copyright protection about a year ago. I went back to some of the original sketches to create this art. Pooh Bear comes to Alexandria, and walks along the waterfront!

Quilt with screen printed art being pieced together

Quilted and Printed Art


Before printing a stack of new shirts, I make a test print. Recently I did test prints on pieces of an Irish-themed table cloth which came down to me from my mother's side. The table cloth and napkins are enormous, from one of those stately homes, possibly from Governor Lounsbury of Connecticut who my great great grandmother was married to. Mom and I agreed that the table cloth would be better off made useful. So I trimmed off one end and intended to "do something" with it. It is white and has lovely shamrocks embroidered into the cloth. This Spring I needed test fabric, and there were the remnants. So into my printer they went! The test prints turned out very well. Inspired by art I saw recently at the Museum of Women's Art in Washington, I decided to make art out of these prints. I quilted the printed table cloth to Harris Tweed and various cottons and added machine embroidery and block printing. Meanwhile, I repaired the remaining table cloth, and I now use it for special dinners. It fits our table quite well.

Quilt and printed art by Ellen, framed
Sign sculpture in Del Ray

First Thursdays in Del Ray


Del Ray's First Thursday on April fourth had iffy weather. It threatened to rain at six pm while promising clear skies afterwards. I was on my way to setting up on the grassy spot next to the old Kiskadee in front of Rick's Magpie Reclamations shop. Rick was hosting five vendors in the spot fronting on Mt. Vernon Ave, which leads to the front door of his home furnishings store. By the time I got there, the event had been cancelled. But there I was, with an excuse to sell in Del Ray! So Rick and I put our tables out. I was pleasantly surprised to see many people out as only a few drops fell, and a gorgeous sunset followed! I plan on being at Rick's for the next First Thursdays of each month. I hope to set up earlier around 4pm.

First Thursdays in Del Ray Info graphic

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