Visit the film website: Why They Left: A Scottish Migration


Yellow Dot Shop

History and Culture in Print

Yellow Dot Shop brings you items of historic and cultural interest. Printed products, books, magazines, stock images and custom design services.

Proceeds from Yellow Dot Shop support the production of the film, "Why They Left: A Scottish Migration." The film is being produced now with a hoped for completion by end of 2018. We hope to screen the film in Alexandria, Virginia for Burns Night, around January 25th, 2019. That's the goal. See

Both Yellow Dot Shop and Yellow Dot Designs are under Ellen's Images, Inc, which began in 2007 as a way to sell stock photos and art. Camera technology was changing quickly at the time, and the structure for selling images changed with a large online entity entering into the market. This was really disruptive to photographers. The cost of images plummeted from over $100 per image to below $20, where it remains today.

Yellow Dot Shop has been in the mind of its creator, Ellen Hamilton for many years. Finally with the urgency of the film project, and new website technology, the shop is now live! We are offering images for use in print and web projects once again, in addition to interesting and unique printed products, books, and items of cultural interest. We need to combat the forces that have been disrupting the incomes of most every industry. Technology is great, but it is disruptive, in a bad way. Let us support our local photographers, writers, artists, cab drivers, hotel owners, retailers and everyone who has been effected.