YELLOW DOT SHOP - Thursday and Sunday Markets, Alexandria, VA


Yellow Dot Shop
History and Culture in Print

At Yellow Dot Shop, we offer calendars, cards and printed items. The Shop carries books, scarves, music, t-shirts... Great writers, great musicians, playful greetings, artistic expression. These are things that make life fun!

Books and magazines are on the topics of history, travel, notable people, African American topics, Native American culture, Great Britain, science, poetry and more.

The Shop is owned by Ellen Hamilton, who designs the printed products, and purses, which we produce. Books, calendars and cards are published by our own Yellow Dot Publishing.

Custom Printing

We do the design and printing for custom calendars, cards, invitations, announcements, booklets and more. The design studio, Yellow Dot Designs has been in operation in Alexandria since 2007. Visit or email

No Plastics!

I aim to use no plastics in my packaging. Paper and cellophane are biodegradable, so card and items are wrapped in those materials. Products ship from Alexandria, Virginia.