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At Yellow Dot Shop, we offer framed art, greeting cards, scarves, hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts which are printed here, history books and jewelry.
Artistic expression, playful greetings, good books. These are things that make life fun!

Printed items are designed and produced by Ellen Hamilton. Art and jewelry by other artists are also on display. Books by local authors are on the topics of Alexandria and Virginia history. We carry Ellen's own book, "A Scottish Migration to Alexandria" which was published in October of 2021, and is sold out here. Ellen is working on the 2nd Edition, which is due out August of 2022.

This book, greeting cards and printed items can be ordered wholesale. See

Custom Printing

We design and handle the printing for books and more. The design studio, Yellow Dot Designs has been in operation in Alexandria since 2007. Visit or email

No Plastics!

We aim to use no plastics in the packaging. Paper and cellophane are biodegradable, so card and items are wrapped in those materials. Products ship from Alexandria, Virginia.