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June 2024 News

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Yellow Dot shirts in the window at Imagine Artwear on King Street
Yellow Dot Shop

June 2024 News

  • Shop on King Street
  • Printing on Tie-Died Shirts
Imagine Artwear at 1124 King Street in Alexandria

A New Shop


My items have found a new place, at Imagine Artwear in Old Town Alexandria! Carol's shop sells gorgeous American-made tops and frocks, silk scarves, lovely gifts, elegant jackets. Each garment is like an artwork! But she gets visitors and tourists from the hotels who sometimes want an Alexandria t-shirt. So we are giving some of my items a try. She has my history books by local authors, my painted caps, tote bags, and shirts. I am helping out in the shop on Tuesdays, and doing ads and website updates. Come by 1124 King Street any day from 11am to 5pm, at the corner of Fayette and King Streets.

Ellen Hamilton, Chief Creative, Publisher, Vendor

Visit Yellow Dot Shop
Ellen and Carol at Imagine Artwear at 1124 King St. Alexandria

Ellen and Carol at Imagine Artwear at 1124 King Street in Alexandria, VA

Carol at Imagine Artwear at 1124 King Street in Alexandria

Carol in her Imagine Artwear shop, with designer clothing made in the United States

Printed Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

Tie Dyed T-shirt printed by Ellen

I had thought about printing on tie-dyed shirts, but dismissed the idea thinking it would be too busy. But after two people asked for it, I decided to try it after all. Fortunately they make tie dyed shirts meant for such a thing. So I bought really nice blue shirts and printed on those plus the orange shirts I already had. I like the result! the central streaks seem to work with the monument in the center. I have these shirts with me at the markets. And Carol has some blue shirts at Imagine Artwear at 1124 King Street in Alexandria.

See the Shirts!
Yellow Dot items in Imagine Artwear's window on Fayette St in Alexandria
Ellen at her flooded tent site on King Street

June Markets


On Sunday I had some flooding for the 11am high tide of the Potomac River. This happens maybe daily these days.

For the next 3 Sundays in June, I will be at West End Market at Brenman Park in Alexandria. 8:30am to 1pm. No flooding there!