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March News

Posted by Ellen Hamilton on

I have been working hard on new collections for Yellow Dot Shop! I now have a nice candle holder collection, vintage jewelry, and new silk scarves, some of which are hand painted by my Mom! Come have a look!

Film Update
As you may know, I have been working on a documentary film about migration to America from Scotland. I am working on finessing the storyline, and on funding for post production. I had a very exciting breakthrough recently, when one of my subject's descendants contacted me, and sent me my first-ever glimpse of William as a young man! This early resident of Alexandria, Virginia was a prominent citizen involved in the building of The Mill condo building, once a cotton factory, street naming and more. So, remember that any purchases at my Shop go to help production of this film! If you're interested, the film donation page is here. Thank you for any support.