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New Calendar Designs for 2021

Posted by Ellen Hamilton on

The latest news is, Yellow Dot Shop's book, "Steel" by Brooke C. Stoddard, is a hot seller! Apparently Yellow Dot Shop is the only place online to find this book at a decent price. Another online retailer has jacked the price up to an unreasonable amount. Brooke Stoddard is a local author whose writing really holds your attention. Steel is probably the most complete telling of the worldwide history of steel making. Brooke is a former writer for Time-Life, when they were headquartered in Alexandria. I have signed copies of Steel, as well as Brooke's other books, World in the Balance and The Everything Civil War Book which you can see at my booth at Four Mile Run Market on Sunday mornings.
Design Studio
In the Studio, we are finalizing the calendars for 2021! Margaret Kennedy and I have been prowling around Alexandria with our cameras, and I have put together two wall calendars with our photos. Margaret is a retired journalist, so she has contributed a beautifully written introduction to the Alexandria Gardens calendar.
The second calendar is Architectural Alexandria . It features new and historic buildings around the city. Each calendar comes in two sizes, and can be ordered with your logo on each page, and a customizable inside cover. The Gardens calendar will be available soon for single sales, without logos, at, and at Four Mile Run Market.
The design studio behind the Shop is Yellow Dot Designs. I can work with you on printing projects, websites, product packaging, video, political advertising, signage, logos and more. You can reach me at 703-519-3857 or