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November 2023 News

Posted by Ellen Hamilton on

FALL for sweatshirts

Smiling on Alexandria Virginia in a Fall sweatshirt

Hello from Ellen!

For my autumn sweatshirts, I tried a new method using leaves and flowers from the garden to create a winking smiley face. These are hand printed in fall colors, using mixed metallic and white inks to show well on the dark fabric. The shirts have been pre-shrunk and are machine washable.

See them here.


New Book from Yellow Dot Publishing

Ellen with Author Brooke Stoddard and his new book, Steel

Steel: From Mine to Mill, The Metal that Made America 

Brooke Stoddard and I decided to create a 2nd Edition of Steel after the first hardback edition completely sold out. I met Brooke at a business group some years ago. He is a favorite writer of mine, on topics of Winston Churchill, and the fascinating story of how steel transformed human existence. His writing pulls you through. Terrific.

Steel traces the story of iron from early times up to today. Brooke visited open pit iron mines, traveled on a Great Lakes ore boat, stood next to flaming liquid iron flowing from a blast furnace, and walked half-mile-long rolling mills where semi-solid steel was pressed into sheets and slabs. No other book compares in cracking the door open to steelmaking’s astonishing history and industrial wizardry. The world leapt into the modern age with railroads, skyscrapers, ocean liners, bridges and combustion engines. Steel created a new kind of civilization.

Steel has a bibliography, glossary, and is full of great photos and graphics.

See it Here
Get a name painted on hand made felt Christmas stockings

I modeled these stockings after my own one from childhood which I still have. I gave each stocking a different machine embroidered edge. If you want a name on it, I will paint one on the cuff in green glitter, and mail it anywhere in the U.S. Shipping is included in price.

Hand printed wooden ornaments celebrate Alexandria VA

This is my first time screen printing multiple items at once! Birds, Hearts and Circle shapes are printed on both sides for the holidays. I painted these four inch wide ornaments before printing my own art on them, and added gold edges,

New books, ornaments and cards at Yellow Dot Shop

Fall Markets

Nov. 18, 2023
9:30am - 4pm

Hollin Hall Holiday Shop
Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church - Indoors
1909 Windmill Lane
Alexandria, VA 22307

Sundays till Nov. 19th, 2023
8:30am - 1pm
West End Farmers Market
Brenman Park, Cameron Station
Alexandria, VA 22304