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Scottish Book Published This Fall

Posted by Ellen Hamilton on

They say the acknowledgements page is the most widely read section in any book. I have just finished my two pages of acknowledgements, as I have so many people to thank, who have sent me things, donated to the project, answered my calls, and given me interviews.


I am surprised to see that this is not a large book, only about 80 pages with images. Surprised because of the amount of work that went into it. I sometimes joke that every sentence has an entire book of reading behind it. That's not entirely true, but in some cases it's close. A history encompasses so many events, and related events, that it is impossible to tell every story. My goal with this book is to tell the main events which led to migration from Scotland's Lowlands. William Gregory helps bring the whole story to life, with his family's letters and observations. The second part of the book is about events on the American side, which shaped the lives of William and his family.


I hope to have the book printed and ready for sale in October, in time for the holidays. It will be available on the Yellow Dot Shop website, and at my market booths.


Scottish Migration Project Website

2022 Calendars at Yellow Dot Shop

2022 Calendars at Yellow Dot Shop


Years ago, I started my first publishing endeavor while I was still working as designer at Thompson Publishing Group. "Ellen's Calendars" was created because I was impressed by the beautiful, hand illustrated calendars that Jenny Nygard did for her mother Margaret's organization, the Eno River Foundation in Durham, North Carolina. My first calendar was the "2006 Calendar of Crafts for Life." Although it was lovingly supported by family and friends, it didn't do terribly well, despite the many hours that went into the illustrations. My next calendar did very well, "Driving to Pittsburgh 2007 Calendar." It sold like hotcakes. During the Art on the Avenue event here in Alexandria, I sold 29 Driving to Pittsburgh calendars in one day. Nobody sells 29 of a non-food item in one day! But I did. Since then I have always been interested in reviving the calendars project, so each year I plan on publishing calendars. Hopefully some day just one of my calendars will be as nice as Jenny's.


I have registered the new name, Yellow Dot Publishing. This new entity can be the publishing arm of the Yellow Dot empire. Just kidding. The empire is very modest and is very grateful for all the customers and supporters who come to my market stand, and my shop website.


New Jewelry Collection

Necklaces at Yellow Dot Shop

I have beautiful and some valuable vintage jewelry in the Yellow Dot Jewelry Collection, including 14K gold, diamonds, garnets and semi precious stones. In addition to my cute cat pins, which have been selling well, I now have gold and silver chains, stud and dangle earrings, beaded chokers and cameo necklaces. Cameos are hand carved from a shell, showing a raised portrait on a reddish background. Cameo's are quite valuable. I have one cameo pin set in silver, and a double chain, cameo necklace.


Many of these beautiful pieces are on the Yellow Dot Shop website, but not all. Come to the Market on Thursday or Sunday to see the full collection!