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Sept News-Art on the Ave!

Posted by Ellen Hamilton on

Art on the Avenue - Saturday October 7th
New books by Local Authors
Caps and Hats

Art on the Avenue is Oct. 7th

Come out to Del Ray's big arts and crafts event in Alexandria! All day Saturday, October 7th, from 10am to 6pm. I will be there, 2 blocks north of the Post Office, opposite side.

Booth # E49.

We were rained out last year, so it was held later in the year. This year we are back in early October.

I have been at work, creating painted caps, a new t-shirt design, and working on new scarves and Alexandria Christmas ornaments. I hope to see you there!

Ellen Hamilton

New Books by Local Authors

Ted Pulliam with his new book

Ted Pulliam's new book

True Tales of Old Alexandria

Stories of an Englishman who lost his head, General Braddock's massacre, a 17th century female landowner, buried ships in the Potomac River, British looters, and the history of Robinson Landing. Plus: Del Ray's racetrack, the Cavalry at Fort Myer between World Wars I and II. Ted covers it all! 

Nina with her new book

Nina Tisara with her new book

Little Pine’s Halloween

A children's Halloween story.

Nina writes: "This is a story I wrote when my children were young. The backstory is that when the trees turned colors in the fall, they looked to me as if they were dressing for a Halloween party and I turned that vision into a story about how the pine trees must have felt left out since they didn’t change color."

The cover has Nina's mosaic artwork.



Painted Caps and Tweed Hats

Hand painted baseball caps

Painted Baseball Caps

I used fabric dye and painted these caps in multiple colors. Hats started out yellow, blue, tan and white. Now, who knows the color!

Cotton baseball caps in adjustable size.

Hand made newsboy cap in Scottish Harris Tweed

Tweed Newsboy Caps

Hand-sewed snuggly warm Harris Tweed caps with a soft cotton lining and the Yellow Dot tag.


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