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Bridge Builders of Nauck/Green Valley, Past and Present

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One of Arlington County, Virginia's oldest predominantly African American communities, Green Valley (formerly referred to as Nauck) dates its history to 1844 when two freed persons, Levi and Sarah Jones purchased 14 acres of land in what was known as Alexandria County. The community is rich in history and abundant with bridge builders, both past and present, who have made local and national contributions while fighting for their right to experience a good quality of life. The book is a compilation of the stories, interviews, and biographies of those extraordinary African Americans who pursued and found success, despite the laws at that time that limited their access to everything from home loans to education.

The perseverance of the pioneers of Nauck/Green Valley is alive through their accomplishments, triumphs, and achievements. Whether in their own words, the words of their loved ones, or through history books, Taylor's labor of love seeks to memorialize the important work these African Americans have achieved and the legacy they leave for future generations.

By Alfred O. Taylor, Jr. Retired Professor and former acting Dean of a college of University of the District of Columbia (UDC), DC. Taylor is a resident of Green Valley.

Book design and production by the author, Alfred O. Taylor. 

82 pages, full of black and white photos of people and places.